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Les produits coup de coeur


The Tour de France of Wines

Douce France, birthplace of wines and gastronomy, origin of world renowned grape varieties. Each type of vine is native to a large production region.

  1. Chardonnay (Bourgogne white)
  2. Pinot (Red grape from Bourgogne)
  3. Sauvignon (AOC Sancerre, AOC Pouilly fumé
  4. Cabernet/Merlot (important Bordeaux wine, château d'Armagnac)
  5. Sauternes (syrupy Bordeaux)
  6. Syrah (Côte du Rhône)
  7. Le Marc "The spirit of Wine"



Nestled quietly between Provencial markets, country homes, 'garrigue' and lavander bushes, a brilliant group of pretty vineyards typical of the Midi region. Upon passing hills around Nice in the higher regions of the Maritime borders, via Bandol and Cassis on the hillsides of Aix-en-Provence, there exists such a varied climate, territory and know-how, that each vineyard cultivates a particular grape variety.


  1. Before Earth and Sea (AOC Provence, red, rosé and white)
  2. Château de l'Escarelle (Var region hillside, red, rosé and white)
  3. Bellet (AOC Bellet, red, rosé and white)
  4. Bandol (AOC Bandol, " Moulin des Costes" red, rosé and white)


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